When God Shows Up

“I don’t just want to have a comfortable life and good retirement account.
I want to have stories to tell of God showing up in a big way.”
Steven Furtick

I love this quote by Steven Furtick, who I recently discovered through the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.   There are a lot of things we can focus on in life, from people to possessions, but there’s another thing that’s also worthy of our spending time on: our future.  When we focus on our future not only are we impacting and preparing for our future, we’re also paving the way to help others with their future too.

I’ve had the privilege to be raised in the church, although I wasn’t really exposed to God showing up in a big way until I was a senior in High School and I started attending a Pentecostal church.  Years later I’ve traveled around New Jersey and Pennsylvania and gone to El Salvador and seen some pretty amazing things.

I’ve heard stories of people like Tommy Tenney, Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake and Mary Woodworth Etter who have these unbelievable stories of how God showed up in their lives and in the people they were working with.

Right now I’m discovering where God is going to use me next.  What about you?  Are you seeing God show up in a big way in your life right now?  Are you in need of God showing up?  How is God using you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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