Are Your Dreams Alive?

I’ve met a lot of people who have dreams.    One of the best examples of someone who had a dream was Martin Luther King Jr.  This man marched to Washington DC, and proclaimed his dream of freedom and equality to over 200,000 people. King’s legacy has been great: sweeping changes were made around the US, and countless individuals were prompted to bring their dreams to life.  Although nothing is perfect, King’s dream has helped to make differences in the lives of many people.

Many people don’t bring their dreams to life though.  Why?  What prevents people from doing with Dr King did and proclaiming their dream to others?  Some people get distracted, there are a lot of things going on in the world, it’s easy to be influenced by the next big bright shiny object.  Some people get intimidated by their dreams.  It’s true that real dreams are big and scary.  And some people just decide that their dream isn’t worth it.

Big dreams, dreams like those of Dr King, are scary and intimidating.  Without the support of others, your dream is just that:  a dream.  Nothing will ever happen if all you have is a dream.  Dr King had a dream that had feet, his dream wasn’t just a dream, it grew into a plan of action that countless individuals could participate in and help bring to reality.

Don’t discount your dreams or pass them up.  Your dreams are important and could make a big difference in the world.  Share your dreams below to get started on gaining feet.


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