One Special Woman

What makes someone special?  Is it the dream they have?  Is it their physical beauty?  Is it the background they grew up in?  I have to say that I don’t think it’s the physical beauty or the background, and even the dream someone has might not make them special.  What really makes someone special is what they choose to do with what they’re given, with the life they are blessed with.

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, and the legacy that she left behind when she passed away in 1997 was incredible.  She managed single handedly to transform not only Catholic missions but also spread her mission of peace around the world.

For many years Mother Teresa was part of a transformation around the world.  Her legacy has carried on her work, but when all is said and done, it would not have started without the special heart Mother Teresa had.  What made Mother Theresa so special?

-She had a dream. As we talked about on Wednesday, dreams are important to feeling alive and living a full life.  But, like Dr King, Mother Theresa actually did something about her dream.  She went out there and worked in Calcutta and around the world doing whatever she could to make a difference.

-She listened to her heart.  After being called to the life of a nun, Mother Theresa was called to do something that most women didn’t do back in 1946 and start a mission working with the poorest of the poor.

-She worked hard.  She never gave up and said that it was too hard or that too much was being asked of her.  Instead she not only developed an incredible relationship with God through her mission work, she was willing to do what it took to help those in need.

-She didn’t do it by herself.  Initially yes, she was doing a lot of the work herself.  But she didn’t leave it at that.  She told former students, priests, other nuns, and I’m sure, anyone else who would listen to her plea for compassion and love (and the response to her words was incredible!).

In honor of Mother Theresa’s birthday today, and in honor of Dr. King’s work as well, I encourage you to do your part: listen to your heart, follow your dreams and work towards what you’ve been called to do.  If you’re struggling with any of these steps, talk with someone!  Neither Mother Theresa or Dr. King would have accomplished anything without the support of others.


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