Books for Spiritual Growth

It’s September and while many are going back to school, you don’t have to go back to school to grow your spiritual perspective.  Here are some of my favorites, and some on my to-read list.

A Course in Miracles

My Utmost for His Highest-Oswald Chambers

The Sacred Romance-Brent Curtis & John Eldredge

Living & Praying in Jesus’ Name-Dick Eastman & Jack Hayford

Rebuilding the Real You-Jack Hayford

Captured by Grace-David Jeremiah

Facing Your Giants-Max Lucado

When God Whispers Your Name-Max Lucado

Into the Depths of God-Calvin Miller

Thus Saith The Lord-Richard E. Rubenstein

Amazed By Grace-Lucado, Yancey, MacDonald, Spurgeon

The God Chasers-Tommy Tenney

The Ultimate Comeback-Tommy Tenney

The Prayer of Jabez-Bruce Wilkinson

Upcoming reads:

Chasing God, Serving Man-Tommy Tenney

Spiritual Liberation-Michael Beckwith

Born for this-Bruce Wilkinson

The Me I want to be-John Ortberg

Necessary Endings-Henry Cloud

What about you?  What are your favorite spiritual books or authors?


One thought on “Books for Spiritual Growth

  1. Oh mine, sometimes, I would think, I would not have enough space to list of, but just to mention some or some of the best for me…

    “The Purpose Driven Life”~ Rick Warren
    “The Dream Giver”~Bruce Wilkinson
    “The Prayer of Jabez”~Bruce Wilkinson
    “Wild at Heart”~John Eldredge
    “Fathered by God”~John Eldredge
    Almost any book fo Max Lucado… especially..
    “Cure for the common life”
    “Facing your Giants”

    and this summer, I just read these 2 books from Donald Miller:
    “Blue like Jazz”
    “A Million miles in a Thousand Years”

    There is much more, but for now, I would say those

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