Books for Personal Growth

September is a great month to learn!  If you’re looking to improve yourself personally or make a difference in someone else’s life, here are some books I’ve read and learned a lot from that could help you too.

The Path to Love-Deepak Chopra

Life Lessons-Kubler-Ross & Kessler

The Last Lecture-Randy Pausch

Being in Balance-Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Secret of Letting Go-Guy Finley

Happy for No Reason-Marci Shimoff

A New Earth: Awakening your Life’s Purpose-Eckhart Tolle

John Maxwell-Thinking for a Change, Today Matters, The Difference Maker

Real  Life-Dr. Phil McGraw


Upcoming books:

The 5 Love Languages-Gary Chapman


What about you?  What books have made a difference in your life?


One thought on “Books for Personal Growth

  1. Besides all of the books mentioned on this book, I will add these 2 books that I have read..
    “The Power of Positive Thinking from Norman Vincent Peale
    “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill..

    and also Zig Ziglar..
    with his book.. “Better than Good” , I really like that book!

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