Dedicated to God

Throughout the Bible there are individuals whose lives are dedicated to God.  They’re given the task of leading God’s people through a specific challenge or to reach a specific goal.  Some parents have their babies dedicated at churches as a promise to raise them as people who follow God.

What does it really mean to be dedicated though?  One definition describes it as being “set apart.”  We’re asked to dedicate a lot of things these days.  TV networks want us to dedicate our time to nightly programs, bosses want us to dedicate our focus at work to work and not Facebook or the internet, kids want us to dedicate our attention to them when we get home.  But what about God?  What does God want you to be dedicated to?

I think God wants you to be dedicated to Him: to living the purpose He’s given you, to trying to live right and asking for forgiveness when you don’t, to sharing His good news with others, and to spending a little time each day with Him.

It’s not about guilt-tripping and doing these things because you have to, you should want to be dedicated to each of those things.  Part of the definition of dedicate is that you’re wholeheartedly committed.  You don’t do something wholeheartedly if you don’t want to.

This week I encourage you to spend time with God the way that makes you happy.  If you’re happy to pray this week, do that.  If you’re enjoying reading a book by Max Lucado or Jack Hayford, do that.    If you’re enjoying your Bible time, do that.  If you’re enjoying meditative walks with God, or sitting in nature, do that.  Connect with God in a way that you enjoy.  What will you do this week?  I’d love to hear your comments.


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