A Honey of a Food

Honey is one of the best foods for eating and cooking with, so for National Honey Month, let’s share some of our favorite honey foods.

Breakfast & Breads:

Honey wheat rolls, honey oatmeal bread, honey shortcake biscuits, honey oatmeal muffins, honey orange butter, honey banana bread, pumpkin walnut biscuits.


Greek Honey Dough Balls (Loukoumades), honey lime fruit salad, honey caramel corn, cinnamon twists with cardamom-honey sauce, oatmeal peanut butter energy bars.


Acorn squash and honey pies, carrots with ginger and honey, salmon with honey-coriander glaze, honey nut stir fry, honey sweet potatoes, spicy honey wings.


Honey cake, spice bee cookies, honey gingerbread, honeyed fruit tartlets, honey-walnut pie, honey apple cake, honey bun cake, date nut bars, honey shortbread, spicy honey peanut sauce, sweet beehive cake, sauteed pineapple with nuts and honey.

What about you?  What do you like to do with honey?  Share your favorite recipes and memories below.


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