Steps of Gratitude

World Gratitude Day has come and gone, and where are we?  Are we more grateful?  More alive?  More hopeful?  Truthfully, we should be grateful all year long, not just on September 21st and Thanksgiving.  What can we do to be more grateful and express our gratitude more often?

-be intentional with notes.  Placing notes around your house and workspace can help you remember to be grateful.

-look for things to be grateful for.  You’ve probably missed many opportunities to be grateful, because you weren’t looking.

-keep a gratitude journal/blog.  Writing it down will help reinforce that it’s important to you.

-discuss it around the dinner table or before bed.  Sharing the things you’re grateful for with someone else is a special opportunity to share and connect.

-say it more often.  Try saying “thank you” at least 3 times every day, even if you have no reason to say it at the time.

-teach it to your kids.  Even if you can’t get your kids to say “excuse me” when they burp, reinforce how important saying “thank you” and being grateful is.

-don’t fake it.  As much as you should be grateful when there doesn’t seem to be anything to be grateful for, don’t do it sarcastically or rudely or with a bad attitude.

But remember, gratitude is a lifestyle, it doesn’t happen overnight.   So on this 23rd of September, what are you grateful for?


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