Are You Different?

It’s not easy to be different in this life, but I think we’re a the point that it’s normal to be different.   But, your difference can be the best thing in the world. Why?  Well, if we were all brain surgeons, we would all have great brains, but we would probably be in wheelchairs attached to feeding tubes.  But being different means we have TV’s, romance novels, Starbucks coffee, Ikea living rooms and babies who live despite great physical challenges.  Maybe different is good.

What can you do to be different?

-Have a great attitude

-Accept your differences

-Love yourself

-Accept that it’s ok to not be exactly the same as someone else

-Don’t copy someone’s work, make it your own

-Accept that life changes often

I know that I can’t begin to make the impact on the world I want to if I try to be like someone else, because I’m me.  I’m not a movie star, I’m not married to a billionaire, and I’m not super great at math (I love calculators).  But that’s ok, because I’m good at being an entrepreneur, organizing rooms, encouraging others and writing.  And even at the end of a less-than-perfect day I’m still happy that I’m me with all my unique qualities.

What about you?  Are you making your own difference or trying to make a difference for someone else?


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