Halloween: Get it or Forget it?

Coming up next week is Halloween.  Many Christians, and other religious people, are against the holiday, believing that all it does is promote evil stuff.  I think that it has lost a lot of it’s original meaning, and now it’s mostly a holiday where kids (and some adults) dress up and get candy.  While I could share many reasons why I like Halloween (including the candy), let’s focus on two reasons that are the most convincing, and what we can learn from this holiday.

1-it gives kids a chance to try something different. No matter what their parents say or how they’re groomed, Halloween provides kids an opportunity to be anyone they want to be.  Kids use their imaginations and live their dreams for this one day.  We should take a clue from them and try something different.  We’ve been taught certain things, raised certain ways and have fallen into certain habits.  Trying something different is not only fun but healthy.

2-Halloween promotes community.  There’s no two ways around this, Halloween requires you to go around your neighborhood, meet your neighbors and have some fun.  You can’t properly celebrate Halloween without seeing other people.  You can celebrate Christmas with a drink and watching Miracle on 34th Street, but you can’t “do” Halloween without knocking on other people’s doors.

So this Halloween, stay safe, have fun, and go out into your communities!


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