Answers Make Me Thankful

“Be thankful that God’s answers are wiser than your answers.”
William Culbertson

I love finding answers to things that have been bothering me or things that I never knew before.  It’s exciting when I’ve finally found that thing I was looking for or discovered what was missing.  But if you’re like me, you’ve probably asked questions before and gotten answers that didn’t match up with what you thought you would hear, or you couldn’t find an answer to the question you asked.

Sometimes though, the answer we get was better than the answer we thought we’d get.  If you’re an Ancient Egypt fan like myself, you know that Harold Carter discovered Tutankhamun ‘s tomb and was very surprised with the answer to his question of: “I wonder what’s behind that wall?”

Other times life throws us the answers we don’t want, like those we get about cancer, natural disasters, and death.  It’s those times most frequently that we, even those who aren’t religious, ask “Why God?!”  It’s not easy to be thankful that someone has cancer or that it’s their time to die.

Whether we think God’s answer is right or not, He knows the big picture of what’s going on.  Our answer to a problem or question may create thousands of deaths or hardships for our families.  Being human we only know so much of the big picture of what goes on around us.

So next time you are about to get mad at God for giving you an answer that doesn’t agree with the answer you asked for, stop and thank God for answering you at all and remember that He knows everything.  Personally I’d rather let the God who knows everything be the one giving the answers than the one who forgets what she had for breakfast (me).

What about you?  What answers have you gotten in your life that didn’t match up or were hard to hear?  What answers are you still waiting for?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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