The Emotion of Giving

Just as much as we’re physical beings, we’re also emotional beings, after all there’s a whole genre of movies known as “chick flicks”.  Thanksgiving has turned into a day of food and sleep, not the emotional day it was back with the Pilgrims in 1621. What can we do to get back to the place of feeling that warm rush when we give of ourselves and are thankful?

Don’t just say “Thank You”, feel “Thank You”.  Thank you feels like a warm cup of tea after shoveling snow, a cool gust of wind on a hot summer day and a hug from a long separated friend.

Remember that it’s not just about saying “Thank you” but doing actions that show  you’re thankful.  One of the reasons the Pilgrims ate food on the 1st Thanksgiving was because that’s what they were thankful for; they finally had food, they made friends and they were still alive.  So celebrating with a feast was appropriate.

Your actions on Thanksgiving should also reflect what you’re thankful for.  Don’t just celebrate with food because that’s what you’re supposed to do, do something that will give you the same warm and satisfied feeling that the Pilgrims felt in 1621 when they sat down to eat.

So what are you really thankful for this Thanksgiving, and how will you show it?


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