Eat and Be Merry

The holiday season is a time where we don’t talk about healthy eating, but rather forgo all diets and eat whatever we want.  This usually results in an unpleasant wake-up in January when it dawns on us we’ve gained weight from the holiday helpings.  Let’s talk about what we can do to make January a little more pleasant for ourselves.

1-eat in moderation.  This is probably the last thing I want to do when I see the cookie platter in the kitchen.  But, truth be told, if you only have one cookie each morning, you can have another that night!  Pigging out isn’t the way to enjoy the holidays, nor is it the way to enjoy January.

2-exercise.  There are some fun activities you can be a part of, whether you enjoy snow or not during the winter.  If you’re in a warmer climate it’s easier to stay on top of your exercise regimen, but for those of us with snow, it can be challenging to keep exercising when it’s so cold! I’m not a snow person but I do enjoy walking around and seeing Christmas lights, so I get some exercise that way. Walking the malls and parking a distance from the food store and your work place are other good ideas.

3-eat extras…extra vegetables and fruit that is!  Make sure you’ve got fruits and vegetables on your table and in your fridge at all times.  Always eat the fruits and vegetables at parties and proportionally eat more of them than of the festive foods.

4-lighten up your recipes.  Don’t go for the recipes that have extra calories or use the really high-calorie ingredients.  Use low fat, fat free, or light products whenever possible, and always look for ways to make your recipes taste better with spices and made better with healthier ingredients.  Many food recipe websites have a section where they “make over” recipes and transform traditional recipes into much healthier ones.  If you follow my creative blog, I always try to include some lighter recipes with the decadent ones.

This holiday season, and all year long, remember that good nutrition starts with a bit of moderation and a touch of common sense.  What do you do to help balance out the holiday foods?


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