Celebrating Christmas: Opportunity

Merry Christmas!  It’s week two of our look at love in honor of Christmas, this week we’re looking at the “o”.

When I think of Christmas, I think of the presents, movies, food!, bustling, carols, snow, and of course the Christmas Story.  As I was thinking about what Christmas was, I was reminded that not everyone celebrates Christmas (religious or non-religious), some celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.  You know what?  I’m OK with that.  What I’m not OK with is the bah humbugs who don’t celebrate anything in December.  The people who don’t have any decorations up, who don’t get together with family and friends, who don’t gather together to spread holiday cheer.

December, with all it’s holidays, is an opportunity to be together and celebrate life, hope, family, and friends.  Not taking advantage of that is like saying that you don’t like people, or care about the whole of humanity.  Sure you could get nit-picky and insist that everyone say “Merry Christmas”, but I’d rather hear “Happy Holidays” than nothing at all.

For those of us who do celebrate the birth of Jesus in December, we’re given a special opportunity to remember the birth of the One who delivered eternal hope to this lost world.  The thing to remember is that Jesus came not to divide people and set up boundary lines, but to unite us and knock down walls between all people.  That certainly makes me want to celebrate!

So next time someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, before you go and get all righteous, spread some Christmas cheer of your own and with a bright smile wish them a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” right back!


One thought on “Celebrating Christmas: Opportunity

  1. When I worked in retail I would end the sale with “Thank you, have a nice day!” even during the holidays. I can understand why some would be offensive to “Merry Christmas” or the ones that don’t celebrate the holidays all together when saying “Happy Holidays”, so I never crossed that line. Didn’t want to offend anyone.

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