2011 in Words: Love

This month we’ve talked about a bunch of different things.  Throughout it all we’ve talked about a topic that’s usually popular in February, love.  As we wrap up 2011 I want to encourage you to live with love in your life.  We’ve seen from previous generations what a lack of love can do: think of the Sudan & Rwandan genocides, Hitler’s Reich and countless civil wars.  I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to be done with that.  So here are 12 ways you can love in 2012.

1 smile: it’s the universal language of love

2 listen: sometimes it’s not your words but your ears that show you love someone

3 be there: when was the last time you actually met a friend for coffee or a drink?

4 think before you speak: your words do have power when they’re said, say something loving

5 share love socially: your Facebook, Twitter and blog posts are a fantastic way to spread love

6 share your lunch: if you still work in an office or with others, bring in treats every once in a while

7 drive slower: if we all rushed less there’d be more time for love

8 take action: instead of letting people die in wars or digging up the earth for dangerous oil, step up and say something

9 support do-gooders: there are lots of non profits making a difference in people’s lives who need your support

10 spend time with those you love: if you’re with people you like, you’ll have less time to hate

11 do things you enjoy: yes this includes working a job you love and going places you love with those you love

12 get a pet: seriously though, it lowers your stress and makes you more likely to love than stress and hate

What are you going to do in 2012 to show love?


3 thoughts on “2011 in Words: Love

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