What If

As I was writing my devotional I was reminded of the question “What If…”  It’s a statement that precedes many questions that people have asked throughout the centuries.

What if God loves me?

What if God saves us all?

What if we don’t die?

What if Hell is real?

What if the truth hasn’t been found yet?

What if Jesus is enough?

What if I shared my joy?

You’ve probably got lots of questions you’ve asked over the years too, maybe some of those above.  I’m only going to talk about one today though: what if I shared my joy?

If I shared my joy I would be helping to transform lives. By choosing to share joy I would be inspiring people and helping them to live lives that weren’t blurred by hatred and anger.  Sharing joy and not hate means that I will enjoy my life more and have better relationships.

What if we all shared our joy?  What if we all lived by our joy?  I think the world would be a dramatically different place.

Of course, in order to share your joy you have to know what brings you joy.  My encouragement for this week is to spend time learning what brings you joy and do it!  What brings you joy?


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