Let’s Be Friends

Let’s face it: we’re all over busy, over committed and under appreciated.  Even if you are appreciated by your boss, coworkers, family and friends, chances are good that you’ve probably felt neglected and alone before.  I’ve been there: I started started a business with a cheering/support section of 1, I’ve ended many friendships, and I’ve been attending a church where I knew practically no one, just to name a few.

Matthew 11:28 says:
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I’ve made those choices for two reasons. One, I knew that they would be good decisions for my future, both personally and professionally.  Second, and more importantly, I felt God leading me there and knew He would be there through the whole journey, regardless of who else was.

And you know what?  Along the way I’ve made some great friends on Twitter, have found a church that is right for me at this stage of my journey, have paid all my bills on time, and have been blessed by God in countless ways.

Today if you’re feeling alone, lonely, lost or frustrated, don’t give up.  I’d be glad to be your friend, and I know there are others who would be too. And God would be happy to hear and share your burdens too.  Feel free to share your challenges here at the blog or to me personally.


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