Nutrition, Naturally

This month is Nutrition Month in the USA.  In honor I’m taking some time to share some thoughts about how we can all improve our nutrition.

1- don’t buy the junk.  If it’s not in your house you won’t eat it.  If what you have in your house is healthier, you can eat a little less healthy when you go out to eat and won’t feel as guilty.

2-eat fruits, vegetables, protein and grain.  Yes, all of them, and notice I didn’t say meat.  Meat is just one protein, one way to get the protein nutrition your body needs.

3-eat in a way that supports your body.  If you’re the type to be on the go all day, prepare for that.  Don’t plan to eat 3 meals, plan to eat 1 meal at the end of your day and have smart snacks around to support you throughout the day.

4-your body needs vitamins and nutrients, and the best are found in food, not a bottle.  Supplements are simply that: to supplement what should be a good diet, not replace the lack of them in your diet.

5-you’ll feel better when you eat right.  The better you feed your body, the better your body will support you.

If you’re looking to better support your nutrition and eat a bigger variety of foods, I share many recipe suggestions on my Creativity Unleashed blog.  I’ve also got some more suggestions for eating right as a family on my Life Turnaround blog today. For other ideas, including the dish on the new plate diet recommendations, visit

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