Courageous Faith

“Faith is reason grown courageous.” Sherwood Eddy

You can choose to live an average life while you’re here on Earth.  You can choose to have the average job, the average relationships, average kids, average house and perform average recycling and kind actions.


You can choose to be courageous and charge into life knowing not what the future holds.  You see, without faith in something or someone, all you’ll have or be is average.

This quote reminds me of the knights of old who would charge through forests and over hills to rescue fair maidens and burdened villagers.  Sure they thought that it would be a dragon they would be facing or high and mighty king, but they didn’t really know.

You can have big faith, as characterized by people like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.  But you can also live a better-than-average life with courage and faith.

Maybe today you need faith to get through the math test, find a job, get a new client or fix your relationship.  How will choosing to be courageous and have faith in your situation help you?


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