Faith, Fear and Failure

As I’ve been writing about faith, I’ve had some difficult moments-moments when I’ve had doubts about faith and been scared of not doing the topic justice.  We all have these moments that we struggle to believe. This struggle brought me to 3 questions I asked myself, and I encourage you to ask yourself.

What happens when I fail?
I don’t like failing any more than anyone else does.  Failure hurts-plain and simple.  It’s embarrassing, annoying and frustrating.  It makes us feel as though we’ve wasted time and resources without any result.  The good news is that real faith takes into account that sometimes you’ll fail.  Faith is an opportunity to believe that you can get back up and try again tomorrow, and that there’s nothing that can hold you down if you’ve got faith in yourself, tomorrow and in something Bigger.

What if I’m too scared?
It does take guts to do and believe things on the basis of faith (believing something without proof).  If it’s a really big step you’re taking like marriage, starting a business or totally changing your life it can seem scary.  If you’re able to acknowledge but move past that fear not only will you have a better experience, you’ll probably be happier that you made the move in spite of the fear than if you let the fear win.  You do need to determine if it’s fear because the step is not right for you or just fear because you’re making a big, positive, change in your life.

Is faith enough?
Sometimes it is.  Sometimes it’s enough to get you through to the next step or day.  Other times we need some help from friends or others in getting through.  Ultimately I believe that faith makes all experiences more rich and usually result in a better outcome than those without faith. Faith is part of the experience, sometimes it has to be the whole experience, but usually faith works in partnership with actions.

What about you?  What are your thoughts on faith, failure and fear?


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