Men of Action

For our series on faith this month, I’ve invited a few of my friends to share their thoughts on faith.  Today’s thoughts come from Evan Smith who works with Intervarsity Student Ministries at York College.

In Mark 1, a group of men bring a paralyzed man to Jesus’ home for healing. When they can’t get to Jesus through the crowd, they climb to the roof and dig through it. The text says, “Jesus saw their faith…”

We learn two things about faith here:

1.    Faith is active and obvious. The men in the story believe Jesus can help their friend, and they take tangible, bold action based on that belief. For them, faith looked like falling bits of plaster, the sound of diggin, and a badly damaged roof.
2.    The object of faith is harder to see. These men had no guarantee that Jesus would heal their friend. In fact, a more likely outcome would be a lawsuit for destroying private property.

As the writer of Hebrews writes, “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (11:1)

The men in the story move confidently on a hope, modeling for us a fundamental paradox: faith means living as if the kingdom of heaven were here, even when all the evidence is to the contrary.

We trust our allegiance to an invisible King. What action does your faith produce?

Wow!  Evan’s right, sometimes faith is just as big and obvious as digging through a roof.  Thank you for that reminder!  You can connect with Evan at his blog, and share your thoughts on faith.


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