Growing Faith

“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.” Mohandas Gandhi

As we talked about last week, faith doesn’t usually happen all at once. If you look at the great philosophers and spiritual teachers, most of them gained their faith throughout their lifetime.  Faith may bring you to several plateaus of realization that will ultimately lead you to a conclusion that you didn’t think possible originally.

Last week I was reading a book about business and some of the ideas just weren’t resonating.  I couldn’t figure out how they could apply to my business, clients or even my life.  But then I saw an article talking about a similar theory and I figured it couldn’t be a coincidence.  Some things I still don’t think are possible, but other ideas I read are growing on me.

Faith is just like this.  We have babies in 9 months time because it takes a while to get used to the idea of caring for a little one.  We don’t get buildings out of a can because we have to make sure they’re safe, so we build them in stages.  We have faith that the plants will grow flowers, but until they appear, we just have to watch the leaves and stems grow green.

Don’t worry that you can’t see the whole picture or accept the whole idea.  What’s the first step, physical or emotional, you need to take to begin or continue your faith journey?  It could be as simple as opening up to the idea that whatever you’re struggling with might just be possible.


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