Lost Faith

This month our conversation has focused mostly on the hopeful side of faith.  But I know that many people have lost faith in themselves, others or in a Being before.  Know what I think?  I think that it’s surprising if you haven’t had a faith crisis of some kind before.  Why? Because faith should be something that is tested on a regular basis.  It’s just like your car-if you don’t have it checked out regularly, you could have a major problem.  So what’s the benefit of having your faith tested?

1-personal growth.  If when your faith is tested you get a fresh perspective on your faith, you’ve got the opportunity to grow.

2-check your beliefs.  When your faith is tested it’s an opportunity for you to make sure your faith is the same and you still agree with what’s being exposed.

3-sharing.  After your faith is tested almost always there comes an opportunity for you to share your experience with someone else.  Your test of faith can be an encouraging and bonding discussion that will help someone else.

The question becomes will your faith be stronger or weaker after the crisis?  Typically faith gets stronger because you spend time in prayer, meditation and reading of encouraging books and articles during the challenge.  But sometimes faith gets weaker and you doubt yourself for a long time afterwards.  When this happens it’s hard to not be discouraged.  I know it takes a long time to get back to the same confidence of faith, years sometimes.  But that struggle will make you a stronger, more faith-filled person, and you’ll know yourself better than ever.

What do you struggle with about faith?


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