Faith Beyond Reason

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Voltaire

We live in a pretty cool world.  There are new technologies, discoveries and things changing all the time.  It seems like each week there is a new creature discovered, new scientific effort being made, or historical discovery realized.  It’s a lot easier for us in 2012 to believe things than it was in 1812 or even 1912.  Why?  Because we’ve got all the technology and we’re so connected as a world that it’s much easier to believe that something might be possible than it used to be.

If we’ve got all this technology and knowledge, why do we need to have faith?

I believe faith is more important than ever now because we do have all this technology and knowledge.  We have to have faith that even though it’s unbelievably easy to steal all our information most people won’t do it.  We have to have faith that even though we could just have relationships online that those people will be there for us physically when we need them. We have to have faith that there is hope for the future and it is possible to get out of the many holes we’ve dug ourselves into.

In fact, most reasonable people will tell you that your information will be stolen, you’ll have less true friends than ever before and there is no way to reverse or stop climate change.

But if I’m completely honest, I have to tell you that I have faith in you.  I believe together we can challenge the reasonable people of the world and win.

I have faith in you.


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