The Taboo of Faith

This month we’re taking a look at faith, one reason is because somewhere along the lines of history someone got really hurt and upset by faith and decided that no one should have faith and that faith was a bad idea.  Michael Malone sums it up well:

“I think the greatest taboos in America are faith and failure.”

Personally, I think that faith and failure are two absolutely necessary aspects of human life.  We do learn from our failures, yes they’re painful, but they’re some of the best learning experiences.  While some would disagree on the terminology, others would argue that the failures make learning fun.  I believe the world is coming around on failure and while no one is intentionally trying to fail, people are more accepting of the concept.

When it comes to faith I think that if faith were really unaccepted, human life as we know it would cease to exist.  Why?  Because faith is actually an integral aspect of all our lives.  We have faith in computers to correctly convey our messages, faith in our partners that they won’t cheat on us, faith in our children that they’ll grow up to be amazing people, faith in our neighbors that they won’t come in and steal all our stuff, faith in our credit card companies that they won’t misuse our information-the list goes on.

Faith can bring people together, encourage, motivate, and empower them.   So why has faith gotten such a bad rap? What can we do to turn that around?  Share your suggestions below.


One thought on “The Taboo of Faith

  1. I think faith gets a bad rap because we as people tend to ask for huge requests from God and when we don’t receive them, we lose faith. God has shown me just within the last few days with an answered prayer for my granddaughter that He will give us exactly what we need and not everything we want.

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