Faith in Family

One of the most basic and important things we have in life is family.  Maybe the family that matters to you isn’t the physical family you were born into but the family you’ve grown around you.  No matter what family matters to you, I believe faith is an important aspect to instill in your family.

I asked my friend Laurie what her thoughts on faith and family were, here are her thoughts:

“Faith is a lot like air around here. Tough day at school? Let’s pray about it. Bedtime? Snuggles and praying a blessing over our kids. Tough decision to make about finances? Let’s see what God wants us to do. Fighting with a sister? What does the Bible say about loving each other? When it comes to faith in our family, it informs how we relate, pursue opportunities, and heal from hurts. He’s part of our meals in the blessings the kids say, part of the ride to school as we pray for our kids’ friends, and part of the crises in life (like our car breaking down the other day!) as we choose to trust Him for our safety and provision of all expenses. Faith is more a mindset than anything. A worldview for us as a family in ups and downs.”

Personally I think that family is one of the most important aspects of instilling and building faith in people.  As families we raise our children to either believe that people are good and can improve, or we teach them that we shouldn’t ever have faith in the people around us.  We also have the opportunity to show kids a spiritual faith and give them something to hold onto when life does get crazy.

What type of faith are you teaching and living in your family?  Your choice not only impacts your family and kids, but the people your kids come into contact with long after you’re gone.


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