A Life of Faith

We’re almost at the end of our month-long look at faith. Today we’re going to take one last look at how faith applies in our daily lives.  Today’s quote comes from Robert Browning Hamilton:

“Love, hope, fear, faith – these make humanity; These are its sign and note and character.”

All month we’ve been looking at how faith in life and spiritual faith are similar yet different.  Today we’ve just about found the line that separates them.  Love, hope, and fear are topics that are found in spirituality of most people, yet they are also attitudes that are found in non-spiritual people.  Maybe the answer is to stop trying to separate life and spirituality and instead focus on being human.  What do I mean?

Well, if we were to stop worrying about who was of what spiritual faith, we could stop using it as an excuse to not work things out around the world.  Why can’t we just be glad that other people have a spiritual faith and not get nitpicky about what kind and how “wrong” it is according to our spiritual faith?   But back to our point…

If Hamilton is right and love, hope, fear and faith make up humanity at it’s very core, we should be focused on looking for and working with those 4 sentiments in other people.  I believe these 4 leave room for differences, yet unite us at areas that are the same no matter who or where you are.

This is what I believe faith in life is: it’s where we can find common ground, re-establish our trust in each other and ultimately rebuild the world on better, more healthy, terms.  And all that fear means is that more communication and clarity is necessary.

What will you do to live a better life of faith?


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