Trusting Yourself

This month we’re talking about trust.  It’s a difficult topic to talk about since the world as we know it has presented with some significant trust issues.

I’ll admit it: sometimes it seems easier to trust what someone else says or believe the conclusion that someone else has come to.  Why? Because you’ve felt let down by yourself in the past.  Maybe you’ve made a bad decision or two that has affected your sense of confidence in yourself. A while ago I signed up for Neale Donald Walsh’s daily messages, and this one came through recently:

“I believe God wants you to know…that your trust has not been misplaced.  Listen to your Self today. You have been telling yourself something very important for days now.  Today, listen more closely. And heed. Trust the still small voice within. Your soul is gently leading you to your next step.”

The truth is that God has given you an amazing brain, conscience, and His Spirit within you to help you make decisions. Yes, sometimes you’ll choose the wrong thing for any number of reasons.  But just because you made one decision, or two, that weren’t really the best, doesn’t mean that you can’t trust yourself to know what’s best.

It’ll take some time, but with patience and giving yourself more opportunities each day to prove to yourself that you are trustworthy, you’ll regain that confidence.

What do you need to trust more this week?


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