Family Wellness

This month we’re talking about family!  The family unit is one of the most important units throughout the world. They shape us whether we want to be shaped or not, teach us lessons we wish we hadn’t learned and hopefully prepare us for the families we all start. This month we’re going to look at a couple of different aspects of families, today’s being wellness.

The great thing about a family is their ability to support you.  Of course, not all families are supportive, many are less than helpful with their words and actions, but the point of a family is to be supportive through times of sickness and health.  Family can come along side of you when you’re struggling with a situation and help you find clarity.  Family can also bring you soup when you’re feeling under the weather.

Wellness begins with words.  For a family to be well they must treat each other with respect, kindness and honesty.  Some constructive criticism or gentle guidance is necessary at times, and family is the best place to hear it from (before you get in big trouble).

Eating is another core aspect of both family and wellness.  Countless meals have been had around the family dinner table, meals where bonds were formed, stories told and food shared.  Family is your first exposure to food in the world, where you’ll learn good or bad habits and hopefully learn to eat in a balanced, healthy way.

Vacations are a ton of fun for families, and often core to the memories we all have as adults.  Vacations don’t all have to be sitting on the beach though, you can go hiking, visit  historical sites, and get outdoors in nature.

Family is the beginning of every life.  Your beliefs about wellness begin with what you learn and experience in your family. Everyone should try to raise their children in supportive, nurturing, healthy environments.  If your family experience wasn’t perfect, don’t worry, there are plenty of other families you can learn from and develop your own wellness practices, as well as those you pass on to your kids.

What do you do to promote wellness in your family?


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