2012 in Words: Family

Today we’re wrapping up our month-long focus on families.  I can’t believe that June is already over and we’re looking forward to the summer and July.  In many ways I think summer was made for families because it creates so many opportunities for families.  This summer, I encourage you to make time for family.  Why?  If you haven’t gotten the message yet, because family is the answer to whether we will or won’t succeed as people. We’re individuals, yes, but we’re individuals part of a bigger scheme, and whether you think of your family as your flesh and blood or as the people who mean the most to you, you wouldn’t survive without them.  So what does it all come down to?  For me there are 3 things:

Be together:
Spending time together, working together, communicating together, dreaming together, these things are all aspects that will help you have a healthy and happy family.

Learn together:
This starts by accepting that you’re all changing, growing and moving depending on what happens in life.  No one is exactly the same as they were when they first met or were first born.  Life is about learning how to live together, as well as enjoying learning about life together.

Love together:
This may be the most important part.  First we have to love ourselves.  This in and of itself is a lifetime task. Then we have to learn how to love those around.  Sometimes loving someone means giving them some space, and other times it means simply being there.  Love is one of the best parts about our life journeys and always reminds us that we’re not alone.

What have you learned about your family or yourself this month in our discussions on family?  Share your thoughts below.


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