Watching our Steps

My steps have stayed on your path; I have not wavered from following you.
Psalm 17:5

The choices we each make each and every day are like a path for others to follow.  Remember when you were little and followed your friend’s footprints in the snow or sand?  Life’s just like that, we each leave footprints in our wake for others to find and follow.

The big question is, where are you leading?

We should be sure that each step we take leaves a footprint we want others to follow.  If you’re doing your best to live on the path that God has set before you , you’ll lead others to God and encourage them in their lives.  If you’re still trying to figure out God’s path for your life you’ll have some great sets of footprints, and others that are hard to follow or don’t lead to great places.

The good news is that there are other footprints you can follow too.  You’re not alone in your journey, rather you’ve got many other people who can help you learn about the path you’re on and how to navigate it.  The Bible helps you learn about your path in daily life, and there are lots of pastors and teachers online who can help you learn how to be a better path-maker.

It’s not easy to be the person out in front making the path, you’re bound to make some mistakes.  Ultimately it should be your goal to follow the path that God gives you, and do the best you can.


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