Strength for Leaders

This month we’ve been talking about leadership, because we’re at a point in time in our world that we need good leaders.  We can all work on ourselves and become better leaders, and we can encourage those in leadership positions to get more training, lead right and learn from mistakes. But there’s another aspect of leadership that I was reminded of this morning as I checked my email: leaders need help too.  Psalm 16:8 says:

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Today no one is invincible, nor should they be.  It would give them an unfair advantage, and something would definitely go wrong if a human were invincible.  Until Jesus returns it’s important that we all accept our weaknesses and learn how to turn to others for help.  This verse from Psalms is filled with hope and peace because David, the writer of the psalm, promises to keep his eyes on God because he knows that God will help him stay on the right path.

Was David perfect? No, of course David made some mistakes and did some things wrong, but focusing on God meant that David could learn how to make decisions that honor God and will be healthy for himself and those in his life.

For you and I, this verse means that the tough times will come, but if we look to God for help, He will be there and support us.  What help do you need from God today?  Just ask Him, He’s ready to listen.


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