After All

Life is full of lots of twists and turns, each one bringing me new knowledge and discoveries about who I am and what is in this world.  I’ve learned things over the years that have thrilled me and things that make me sad.  I’ve learned that the world works best when we can all accept each other as different, and let that be a good thing, not something to change.

We go through life each day interacting with people who may or may not have an impact on our future, and often the impact is determined by us allowing them into our lives, or blocking them out.  We do have the ability to impact our future, and map out a new direction if we desire.

No matter what anyone says, it’s people who make the world go ’round.  Not business decisions, architecture, ancient civilizations, or technology.  Why?  Because behind each of those things are people.  People who make decisions sometimes without considering the impact their choices will have on others.  When all is said and done, what will your decisions say about you?

Will your actions reflect a desire to worship God and carry out His plan for your life in the world and in the lives of those you meet?  Will your dreams line up with healing the world of the pain that we have caused each other?  Will you encourage others to live respectfully for the world around them?  When all is said and done, what impact will you have made on the world?

God created us with the heart that we would learn to live and work together, yet so many of us are so far apart in making that happen.  What part do you have in keeping people apart?  What can you do to bring God’s dreams to fruition?  I encourage you to ask God to give you wisdom and a heart for the role you have in His dreams.


One thought on “After All

  1. gold account

    This is AMAZING!! I laughed out loud and got tears in my eyes and shivers up my arms. This is like a pivotal point for us both and many others. Reading this, it hit me that you have enormous power and capability to set others free. Free inside themselves so they can start to change their outlook, insights, concepts, and world view. You are a “freedom setter” or a “freedom maker”, one who guides others back to their authentic selves, wherein they have the power to make their OWN choices, divine their own insights, experience their own truths, and draw their own conclusions. That is setting others free.

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