2012 in Words: Strength

Yes, this month we’re going to be thinking about our strengths.  It’s a topic I’ve been looking forward to discussing all year.  One of the reasons I do what I do is because I believe many people are living their lives not operating in their strengths.  Often, people blatantly ignore their strengths because they believe that they’re not “cool,” “people wouldn’t like them anymore,” or they “won’t make enough money” if they really did what they were good at.  So this month on this blog and the business and family blog, I’ll be sharing words of wisdom and support to help you not only discover, but embrace your strengths.

To begin, let’s talk about what it doesn’t mean to be strong, or have strength.  It doesn’t mean that you’re prone to pushing people over, forcing others into doing it your way or not letting others help you.  It does mean that you know what unique contributions you can make in the world, addressing your weaknesses and supporting others through your strengths.

True, some people do use their strengths in ways that hurt others, such as using their technological skills to hack and create viruses.  The challenge, and opportunity, for them is to find a way to use their strengths for good.

You may be strong in relationships, and be good at listening.  Maybe you’re really good with numbers or with technology.  Maybe you’re good at hearing kids hearts and helping them connect with themselves from a very young age. If you’re having trouble figuring out what your strengths are, ask a friend or close coworker for their insights.

So the question becomes, what are your strengths, and what are you doing about them?


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