Listening to Your Emotions

Lately I’ve been thinking about life and change a lot.  I’m personally considering some changes in my life, and as a country the USA is on the brink of potential changes with the election as well.  As humans we’re both blessed and sometimes cursed with emotions that can rule our lives.  It’s never a good thing to make a decision on emotions alone, but given consideration of other factors, what role should emotions play?

Personally I listen to gut feelings.  If I’m in a situation or meeting someone for the first time, I try to listen to what my feelings are telling me.  Does that mean that if my gut says I shouldn’t like someone, I don’t try to get to know them?  No, unless I’m feeling threatened or scared.  Generally, my gut feelings don’t make the final decision for me about people, I’m willing to try to get to know someone, but more often than not my gut feelings about people and situations are right.

If I’m facing a big decision like deciding which college to go to, which house I want or what job to do, I like to check what emotions I’m feeling about each option.  Sometimes a feeling of fear will indicate that although an option is scarier, it may be the bigger opportunity.  Other times I feel more confident going with the option that feels safer.

Finally, when thinking about my emotions, I use them as a guide for when things need to change.  If I start feeling depressed or unhappy, I stop and take a look at what I’m doing, the people I’m with a lot and the situations I’m in.  My emotions can let me know that something’s not right in my life and it’s time for change.  Of course, the longer I fight these emotions, the farther into them I fall.

Today, I encourage you to check in with your emotions.  What are they trying to tell you?


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