Celebrating Kindness

You’re probably tired of hearing about the presidential election, and the other thing you’re probably tired of hearing about is Hurricane Sandy which struck the East Coast a few weeks ago.  Personally, I’m tired of it as well, but what I’m not tired of are the abundance of ways that I’ve seen and heard about people helping others with kindness in wake of this natural disaster.  Why bring this up?  Well, besides wanting to express my gratitude for people doing a good deed, November 13th was World Kindness Day.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen trucks from all across the US in my little part of the world.  I’ve seen trucks from Indiana and Texas blocks away from my house helping us all return to what we’ve come to take for granted as normal.  I’m always so grateful when I pass those trucks because men and women have left their homes and families to help us with ours.

Countless people have donated money and food and resources to help those most affected by the wind and water.  I’ve heard stories of people making 600 pb&j sandwiches for communities, people cleaning out their food pantry to help,and donating clothing and toys, not to mention the people who have opened their homes and cars to help those in need or who lost everything.

What I’d love to see is the US coming together more often.  I wish that it wasn’t a natural disaster that brought us all together.  But I’m thankful that people found in their hearts and lives the ability to be kind to neighbors thousands of miles away.

I’m certainly going to do my best to pay it back as so many have paid it forward for us.  Whether you’re in a tough situation or not, you can, and should, show kindness to those you meet.  I encourage you to look for one person that you can share some kindness with today, and everyday!


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