Hope of Christmas

As we get close to Christmas and finish out 2012, I’m going to be sharing a series of posts on some of the emotions we feel at this time of year.  The first is the topic of hope.

I know not everyone is feeling hopeful right now, as a matter of fact, you may be feeling rather hopeless right now.  It’s OK to be feeling sad or not festive this time of year, even if you’re doing all the things you usually do, sometimes you just don’t feel it.

So why talk about being hopeless?  After all, isn’t this season supposed to be all about joy and light and laughter?  Yes, but the reality is that I’ve struggled with holidays in seasons and years past myself and know that it’s not easy to find the spirit of the season when you’re just not feeling good at all.

So if you’re not feeling very Christmasy, first try to relax and step back a bit from life.  You don’t have to be the spirit of Christmas every year.  It’s totally acceptable for you to let others do the decorating, entertaining, and baking once in a while.  Don’t feel guilty about not doing what you’ve done in past years.  After giving that a good try, if you’re still struggling you also might want to talk to your doctor about medicines you’re taking or try different vitamins to see if that’s the issue.

It’s my hope that this week you’ll find a little blessing that will remind you that you’re loved.  Maybe a relative will send you a food gift in the mail, maybe a co-worker will get coffee for the office, maybe you’ll get a Christmas card with a little note in it from someone thanking you for being a special friend this year.

By the way, if you are feeling the spirit this year, do something nice for someone else, it may be the glimmer of hope they need.


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