Making Peace with 2012

Well, the year has just about ended.  In a few days all the decorations will go away and we’ll return to our lives.  As I’ve thought about this year ending and a new one beginning, I’ve thought a lot about the things I want to do in 2013.  I’ve made some decisions about how I want to go forward with my life, the people I want to spend more time with and how I want to make an impact on the world and live my purpose.  But what I haven’t done yet is taken the time to appreciate all that 2012 taught me.

2012 was a tough year for many people.  There were sicknesses and deaths, natural disasters, money made and lost, new friendship bonds formed, old relationships mended, choices made and food eaten.  So today I’m taking a look back and sharing some lessons I learned.

Life is precious.  Whether you’re suddenly affected by a sickness or death in the family, or separate from a best friend, it’s times like these that make you appreciate what you have, or have had.

It’s better to live than laze.  I’ve never been a huge TV fan, so while I do have a few shows I watch each week, I’m typically more interested in living my own life than watching others.  I love spending time in nature, relaxing with a book or paintbrush, and encouraging and helping others to live their lives better too.

Change is normal.  I’m not someone who believes everything has to change, some things work very well the way they are.  But if you want to enjoy life more than you are currently, some things will have to change and adjust.  One of those things is probably your attitude, if not some of the actions you take in your life.

I’ve enjoyed 2012 a lot, but I look forward to the change and hope that a new year brings.  What have you learned from 2012?


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