Where is God?

Lately in addition to my Bible readings I’ve been reading bits of A Course in Miracles.  Lesson 29 is about God being in everything we see.  For some people believing this is a stretch. Could God really be in my teacup or my computer?  And the truth is yes, because He gave the creators of the teacup and computer the ability to come up with it and produce it, as well as providing the materials to create them.

Finding God isn’t about showing up on church on Sundays, attending every Bible study you can find or praying 6 times a day.  The truth is, God can be, and is, anywhere and everywhere.  As A Course in Miracles says,

“What shares the purpose of the universe shares the purpose of its Creator.”

What this means to each of us is that everything in the world has a purpose.  Maybe its purpose isn’t for you, but for your neighbor.  For example, I don’t appreciate basketball very much, but a great many people make fantastic money and enjoy the game very much.

And more than everything having a purpose, we can find God in anything that has a purpose.  This is why some people choose to go hiking; they see God in nature.  Why some people journey to Israel to see the birthplace of many religions.  Why some people get up early or stay up late to mediate or pray.  That’s where they feel closest to God.

Know that you don’t have to go far today to find God when you need Him, He’s as close as your body is to you.  Where will you find God today?


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