Who Are You?

I got an email today, one of the many newsletters I’m subscribed to. No, I’m not a newsletter junkie, as a good business owner I like to stay on top of the trends and things going on with other people and their businesses.  So this article from Robin Sharma, a guy with a great perspective about leadership and life, is about 62 ways to get unstuck.  It’s a great article with lots of helpful points for moving forward in my life.  But as I was reading it, I kept coming back to the fact that lots of people are talking about being stuck or having to make changes, especially now at the beginning of the year.  So I asked myself,

“Why are so many people stuck?!”

I do believe that it’s important to get stuck once in a while so that you can learn how to un-stick yourself, but to start each, and every, year off as a stuck individual?!   Now, if you’re feeling stuck right now, know that I’m not yelling at you or think you’re crazy to be stuck.  The world has put an unbelievable amount of pressure on each of us as far as money, careers, relationships and appearance goes.  The standards some of us try to live up to are totally impractical.  And for that reason I can totally understand why so many of us are stuck.

So the conclusion I’ve come to is that before you can get yourself unstuck, you have to have a new set of standards, or new goals, that you’re going to work towards.  Yes, sometimes all you need is a moment of insight and you can continue on your merry way.  But for most people, that’s not the situation; they’re working towards goals that aren’t right for them.

So to start this year off, instead of asking yourself what crazy things can I accomplish to make me stack up against my superstar sister or lawyer-to-the-stars father, ask yourself who you want to be.  When you start living the life that you’re meant to live, a life that works for you, you’ll only get stuck in situations with glue, not quicksand.  Does this mean you can’t be a millionaire or billionaire?  No, it just means you have to find your own way.

I’m doing just that this year too, and making a new commitment to helping you get a fresh perspective in your life.  You’ll be seeing some more changes in the coming weeks, but I invite you to join me on Twitter or check out some of the changes happening slowly but surely at my website.

I believe this is your year to become unstuck.  Share what you want to be free from below in the comments too!


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