What God Sees

This week, as you can tell from the subject line, I’ve been thinking about what God sees. Obviously being God and Ruler of Everything Created, He sees a whole lot more than each of us do in our little corners of the world.  But that’s not the kind of seeing I’m thinking about today.  My thinking started as I read about the woman at the well in John 4.

The short of the story is that Jesus talks with this woman at a well that according to local customs/traditions/laws He shouldn’t have been talking with, and Jesus shared a few insights that he as God’s son would know. The woman is blown away by Jesus’ insights, and runs off to tell the townspeople.  Her words to them in verse 29 are:

“Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done!  Could he be the

Jesus saw this woman as both the woman God created, and the woman who had 5+ husbands.  He saw beyond the earthly, beyond what her neighbors saw, beyond what the disciples saw.  He saw her as part of the world where all people can worship God together.

Let’s take a step back and look at King David for a moment.  He was called a “man after God’s own heart,” even though he fought in battles and slept with someone else’s wife.  Or what about Paul/Saul in the New Testament?  He spent lots of time killing and working against God, but God said to Ananias in Acts 9:15 “I have chosen him to tell foreigners, kings and the people of Israel about me.”

So what does all of this mean?  What it means is that God sees the beauty He’s created, He also knows that among that beauty is imperfection.  God doesn’t overlook sins, but
chooses to forgive them so that people can move on to fulfill the potential God sees in them.  He had plans for the woman of John 4, He had plans for King David, He had plans
for Saul/Paul, and God has plans for you.

I hope that you’ll take a lesson from Jesus and start seeing people for who God created them to be, not their sins or pasts.  You never know who God will send your way or want to connect you with to fulfill His plans for your life.


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