Strength of Light

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday we celebrated the birth of a man who did much for the USA, Martin Luther King Jr.  He had a dream for peace and unity, and brought to the public eye the disgraceful way that people were treating other people.  He didn’t let the issue stay buried, he didn’t just petition government and hope they would do something, he got up and spoke his mind with the support of thousands of people, started a movement and inspired a dream.

All these years later we still remember his strength and his hope for all of mankind each January.  Why?  Because like Mother Teresa, he knew that every person has value.  Every person deserves the chance to live a great life and accomplish their dreams.  And even though there will always be bosses and employees, everyone has a right to be treated with decency and dignity.

What Martin Luther King Jr. knew was that the best way to accomplish his big dreams for humanity was not with a war, but with peace and love.  I’m not anti-war, war has its place in this world.  But war isn’t always the answer, as he knew.  Dr. King knew deep down that more respect would be earned and given if a statement as powerful as a war could be made peacefully.  I think that the Civil Rights Movement did just that, it’s as ingrained in the history books as the Civil and Vietnam wars.

This week, in honor of Dr. King, use the power of light and love to make your statement on the world.  I have a feeling that your statement could be just as big and bold as his.


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