The Choices of Kindness

As I was considering today’s post on the topic of Random Acts of Kindness and friendship, I perused the Bible on the two topics and came up with some interesting connections.

Kindness and love: love can’t exist without kindness and kindness can’t exist without love.  If you do an act of kindness without a foundation of love in your heart, you won’t get the benefit from the action that the person receiving it will.

Kindness and forgiveness: it’s a whole lot easier for most of us to be kind than for us to forgive.  What is it about forgiveness that’s so difficult? With forgiveness we’re forced to recognize that we’re imperfect people and occasionally we do things wrong too.

Kindness and generosity: kindness isn’t something people typically do out of the extra in their life, they do kind acts whenever they pop up.  You can’t plan to hold a door open for someone, or schedule it into your day, when it happens, it happens.

Kindness and sacrifices: as people of faith we’re called to bear one anothers burdens.  To do an act of kindness you may have to give up leaving work early, or get home early to do a favor for your partner.

Kindness and encouragement: ultimately kindness is an encouragement.  It’s a way to share hope with the people in your life as well as be an encouragement to yourself.  The little kind acts you do could make a world of difference for someone.

What will you do this week to be kind to someone or bring new life to a friendship that has struggled of late?


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