The Heart of Happiness

In our lives much of our happiness is tied to other people, and especially the words they use in our presence.  As much as we try to deny it, we thrive or whither based on what other people say about us.  The wounds the words of others create in us can take a long time to heal.

While you may not believe that thinking positive would really have an impact on your life, it’s true, the words you hear and think do have an impact on your life.  If you think and speak positively about life you’re more likely to have friends, more likely to get the job, more likely to have better self-esteem, and have a more fulfilling life.  Granted, no one’s life is positive all the time, nor will thinking or speaking positively keep all the challenges and heartaches out of your life.

Jeremiah 15:16 says: “Your words came to me, and I ate them up. They made me very happy.”

The words Jeremiah is speaking about were words God spoke to him, but the words in the Bible can encourage each of us too.  Everyone needs a source of renewal, a way to deal with the negative and re-center ourselves and our minds.  It’s one reason we’re encouraged to read the Bible and other spiritual books, because they’re a source of encouragement and strength as we deal with the challenges and choices that we face each day.

This week I encourage you to remember that your words have power.  What words have you said lately to someone that made them happy or brought them encouragement?


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