Louis Armstrong’s Life

This month we’ve been celebrating Black History month and sharing the wisdom of some wise black Americans, including Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks and Hank Aaron.  Today we finish with a thought from Louis Armstrong:

“What we play is life.”

This quote is so powerful because it sums up the essence of music, but even more so what life is all about.  Music has sweet and sour notes, songs that pour from the heart and those that take hours to perfect, musicians who play from the heart and those who are technical, and music that’s all about the music and music that’s about life.

This is what life is too.  Life is chances for us to learn who we are, for us to develop our own style, for us to learn how to work together with others, for us to have fun, and for us to work hard.

When you’re playing life, you’re playing the highs and the lows, the in’s and the out’s, the people we meet and the people you leave, and the successes you have and losses you face.  Music is just as emotionally wrought as life.

But the best thing about music as a representation of life, is that there’s always the opportunity for fun.  Much of the music in Armstrong’s day was fun and light.  Maybe it’s time to let some of that playing back into our lives.

This week, take time to enjoy the music of your life as it plays around you. Enjoy the people, enjoy the opportunities and take time to have fun.


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