Making Room

We all live full lives these days, from working multiple jobs to put food on the table to collecting nice possessions to live with.  Yet many of us feel unfulfilled or restless with our lives.  Maybe we don’t like our job and want something better, or feel stifled by our homes, and tired by our relationships.  Many of us want to improve one area of our lives or another, yet we struggle.  Why is that?

One reason is that we don’t have room for anything new.  Think about it like a closet: if your closet is totally full of shoes and clothes, you don’t have room for more, right?  Like our closets, if our lives are filled with stuff, it’s very hard to try to make other stuff fit.  if you want anything to change, you have to make room for the change to happen.  With lives so full it can be challenging for us to decide what to let go of.

When it comes to letting go of stuff, there are a few ways it will happen.  You may let go of stuff when you’re in the mood.  Like when that desire wells up in you to do spring cleaning in your house from top to bottom and get rid of stuff.  You can also let go of stuff when it breaks, when you move or when it’s too small/big.  Finally, you let go of stuff when it’s time.

Likewise, there are a few ways that letting go of people and relationships (including jobs) happen.  You may quit your job, be fired, grow apart naturally, move to different places, become interested in different things, or have a major falling-out.

When it comes to letting go, the best thing to do is let it happen naturally; which means on a regular basis you should be letting go and bringing in.  This is the cycle of life: things begin and things end.  But we’ve gotten into the habit of holding onto people and stuff long after we should have naturally let them go.

So today I challenge you to consider what in your life you’ve held onto for too long, and take steps to release those things and people.  You can’t move forward in life until you make room for the new joys, journeys, experiences, things and friends.


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