Transforming Together

Lately I’ve been considering the process that we go through when we transform, or change, our lives.  It’s described well by the process of alchemy, or the attempted process of changing something into something greater.   Usually when people talk about alchemy, they’re talking about taking rocks or other every-day items and turning them into gold or equally valuable items.  But the basic premise of alchemy is that of you start with something with potential, and through the transformative process you turn it into something great.  The transformation process usually involves chemicals, heat or some other catalyst for changing the item into something else.

We people go through similar changes: when we’re truly transforming our lives and becoming more like Christ, we usually have to go through a period of fire and challenge too.  What scientists knew was that to get something great, usually there has to be something strong enough happening to force the transformation.  People and objects don’t usually willingly change without sufficient encouragement.  Thus we get the stigma that comes with change: it’s painful and should be avoided.

However, the exact opposite is true.  Yes it may be painful, but in the long run 99% of the time it’s worth it.  Jesus didn’t come to earth, wave a magic wand and open the doors to heaven for us.  Instead, he lived among us and then died a painful death on the cross before rising again.  Any scholar could tell you how painful a Crucifixion was, and if you ask any pastor if they think Jesus felt it was worth it, they’ll say yes every time.

Jesus believed, and believes, that you’ve got tons of untapped potential just waiting to be released.  Unlike many of the failed attempts to turn things into gold, you’ve got a 100% guarantee of turning out better than you are now.  It will take some work, lots of faith and probably some painful moments, but in the end it’s all worth it.

What area of your life will you start transforming this week?  Your faith?  Your body?  Your relationships?


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