Money on a Mission

This week began with tax day in the USA, a day that many people each year gripe and complain about with the amount of taxes they pay, and how they feel the country is not using the money wisely.  I know I’m always amazed when a story about bureaucratic fiscal issues show up, and how poorly run something as big as the government can be.  The unfortunate reality is that tons of individuals, families and business are equally poor at managing their money.  Why should we expect that the government, made up of some of those financially challenged people, would do any better?

The first thing we all need to do is pray for wise counsel.  There are lots of lies and twisted truths out there that are hindering our ability to make, save, spend and plan with our money.  If you’re not great with money, I strongly suggest you find a class you can take to learn how to better manage your money.

Second, we need to make smarter decisions with our money, including who we vote for and support.  Our kid’s futures are in our hands, it’s up to us to make sure they have a future to live for.

Finally, we need a new attitude towards money.  Many people are stressed out about money, work, spending and the future.  God doesn’t want us stressed about about it or hate that we have to have and use money.  Our money issues spill over into our relationships and jobs, causing all kinds of stress and problems that don’t need to be there.

If you’re struggling with paying your taxes or with money, you’re not alone.  It’s not easy to hand money over when you don’t think it will be used well.  But God challenges us throughout the Bible to not hate money, but to use it wisely.  He knows that as things currently are we can’t avoid money-it’s a necessity to daily life.  But just like many other areas, He challenges us to be wise with it.

This week I encourage you to do 3 things: 1-sit down and be honest with yourself and loved ones, as appropriate, about your financial status.  2-take a course to learn how to better manage your money and prepare for the future.  3-ask God to help you improve your attitude towards money.

What do you struggle with about money?


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