Love and Abundance

This month one of our themes is abundance.  It’s a tough word to consider, especially in this world with so much fear and perceived lack.  This month I hope together we can discover the truth about abundance, and find it in our lives.  Our thought today comes from Elbert Hubbard:

“Life in abundance comes only through great love.”

I believe that we’ve gotten caught up in the scripted Valentine’s Day type love and have forgotten about the love that happens the other 364 days of the year.  The kind that goes through trenches, climbs mountains, relaxes on beaches, does homework, cleans dishes, plays with kids, and collapses after a hard day at the office.  Love is about much more than that happy emotion that is promoted on Valentine’s Day, it’s really a way of life.  Unfortunately it’s not the way that many people choose to live.  For some, love is an afterthought, a waste of time or pointless.  Yes, love has gotten a bad rap, and some people do use love as a bribe or say they’re loving but their words and actions go against the very principles of love.

To truly find abundance in our lives however, we’re going to have to learn what love really is and what role it plays in our lives.  Love takes learning, patience, change, willingness, hope, encouragement, work, at least two people, and time.

But what does love have to do with abundance?  Personally, I know that when I’m not feeling loving towards my partner or another person, it’s much harder to accomplish tasks or discover possibilities.  Instead, I get frustrated, annoyed, and impatient.  But when I’m in the flow of love in at least one area of my life, it’s much easier to make connections, do my work better and be a more supportive team member and partner for my family and clients.

If you want your world to open up with possibilities, try being more loving.  You’ll be amazed by how the world opens up for you, and those around you will be amazed by how well you’re working together again.


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