Personal Abundance

“No matter how small you start, always dream big.” Stephen Richards

I believe that abundance begins with each of us.  We’re responsible for how open our world is to abundance flowing in or out.  A big part of how open we are to abundance is how closed or open we are to the possibilities the world holds for us.  We often open ourselves to these possibilities through the dreams and desires of our hearts.

I’ve had many dreams throughout my life, I’m sure you have too.  Dreams are often the fire that gets us up again in the morning or the energy that gets us through the long days.  But when that fire goes out, look out!  The world around you will look bleak and empty.

I think we humans are wired, if you will, for dreams. When we have dreams we’ve got that special passion that keeps us going, but when our dreams complete or seem so impossible that we let them go, our world seems to end.  I think there are a few lessons we can learn from all this:

1-never stop dreaming.

2-be willing to let go of or finish a dream.

3-be willing to have a new dream.

You’ve probably heard the saying “when you close a door, a window opens.”  There are varying forms of that saying, but the truth it reveals is the same: there is always at least one opportunity open to you, it’s up to you to find it.

The biggest and best dreamers know that there’s always a way if there’s a will. What do you will for your life today?


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